Car Finance Cheapest Deals

If you are a new driver, having just passed your driving test recently, and you are thinking about buying your very first car, there are many factors that go into finding the most suitable car finance deal. Today, we will cover some of these aspects that will go a long way towards you finding the best option for your first vehicle.

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At Rix Motor, possibly the best car finance specialists in UK, have car finance plans for less than £100 per month. These represent some of the cheapest deals for car finance, and it’s pretty clear to see why people would look to check out our very cheapest car finance deals. We will now cover the main positives in greater detail. Some of the best car brand deals like mercedes, audi, land rover and bmw car be viewed here:

The key benefit is the most obvious: the price is far lower, meaning that you could save a massive amount of money. Our lowest-priced deals sit below three figures, and in some cases only hover slightly above the middle of the two-figure range. For a motorist who is operating on a lower budget, this is a huge incentive for such a car purchase: you could find that you end up spending more money per week on regular shopping than you would for your vehicle on a monthly basis. That fact alone justifies why one would consider going for a truly cheap car finance plan.

These are the main benefits of considering one of our cheapest car finance deals, and you can check out our full stock at